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They can take a few days to a week to finish whereas more complex and larger projects may take longer. It’s best to know the deadline of your project to keep you on schedule. We advise you to leave extra time for revisions and to follow up after receiving your first rendering. 

Our clients range from contractors, homeowners, developers, realtors, and other landscape designers. We are experienced and trusted company with 2D and 3D visualization renderings that meet your needs for an outstanding design on any project. 

Generally, a set of architectural plans is a good way to start. We’re always available to provide you with a free quote as well. Please fill out our contact form or send us an email or give us a call about your up and coming project, goals, and expectations you expect and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

They are ideal but not required. We can work off sketches, drawings, or reference photos, and some basic dimensions. However, without architectural plans, there is no guarantee of total accuracy. If you do provide the appropriate plans, we will be able to render projects precisely.

Better than reality because digitally enhanced 3D rendering photos are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Showcases beautiful landscapes
  • Perfect camera angles
  • Helps with development applications and regulatory boards.
  • Different lighting examples
  • Interior furniture staging photos for realtors.
  • Revisions
  • Easy signage printing
  • Communities and neighbours can see future projects.

We can match most of what you are looking for in a rendering by providing us with an example of a photo or a rendering example, perspective architectural plans, interior, and exterior lighting, different vegetation that’s accurate to your landscaping plans. We can even match most interior design styles as well. However, if you have custom furnishings and fixtures, we can custom create anything needed. 

Yes, we can work off client-provided 3D models. Often we do not provide a discount when the client supplies their 3D model unless it’s an extremely high-resolution rendering from 3D Studio Max or Maya. However, we can use the provided model as a reference to build a more detailed model instead, which allows us to ensure that we capture everything from your original model and much more.

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